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We can help you achieve your dream of owning a home with only a small deposit!

You are probably already aware of the rental crisis that UK tenants are facing right now. Ever increasing rents are making it almost impossible for most families to save the money required to buy their own home. It isn’t a small problem either as the crisis means that the average person is now spending more than one third of their income on rent alone.

What this means is that fewer and fewer young families are realising the dream of owning their own home.

Luckily, we have a solution. We can help you own your home even if you only have a few pounds to put towards your future. Whether you are already thinking of buying, or if you have only recently considered the idea there are many benefits of owning over renting:

  • No Landlord To Answer To – One reason many people opt to own their own home instead of renting is simply to rid them of the control that a landlord has. Do you want to hang a picture on the wall? When you own your home you won’t need to ask the landlord first.
  • An Investment In Your Own Future – One thing that is certain is that both the cost of renting and house prices will continue to rise in the long term. When you own your home you won’t be at the mercy of rising rent costs, and your future will be secured with the equity in your property.
  • You Won’t Be Throwing Your Money Away – For every penny that you spend on rent, you get nothing in return. Owning your own property provides you with a way to get something back for the money you spend on your home.
  • Possibilities – The biggest reason to own your home is simply the possibilities it allows you. Money that you invest into your home increases its value and you are also free to decorate, renovate, and change whatever you want!

We have helped hundreds of UK buyers in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire purchase their home and we can help you move into the home of your dreams.

Contact us with your housing requirements, or read on to learn how we can help you.

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No Deposit

Another common option for our buyers is ‘no deposit’. Although this type of agreement has been around for a long time, rising property prices has meant that ‘no deposit’ has recently regained popularity in the UK.


Rent to Buy - How it Works...

A ‘rent to buy’ agreement isn’t very different from a standard rental agreement. The one big difference is crucial, though – when you ‘rent to buy’, a portion of the money you spend each month goes towards owning that home.


Property Seminars

Our seminars are designed to give you some great FREE help and support on making that successful step onto the property ladder. Our team of advisors will then take you through each step of the process outlining what options are available to you.

Please check back soon for our full list of dates and venues as well as information on how to book a place on one of our seminars.

FTB Reports will include regular updates on our Assisted Purchase Schemes and current property's available. We will also include a "Tips On Home Buying" section. No prospective First Time Buyer should be without this report.

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