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We’ve tried to provide answers for the most common questions about our schemes. The answers are general and will differ from person to person based on their individual circumstances.

If you have a question that isn’t answered then please feel free to contact us and we will gladly try to enlighten you.


Rent to Buy

What happens if I miss a payment?

This need not be the end of the world provided that you catch back up within the time allowed on your agreement, normally about three months. Late payment charges may apply.

My credit is less than perfect! Can you still help?

In many cases yes we can. If you qualify for a basic rental agreement then it is likely that we can help you procure a rent to buy deal or similar.

Can my solicitor look at the paperwork?

Absolutely, we are keen that you take all steps to give you piece of mind.

We have no references! Does that matter?

Not at all, there are alternative methods to verifying the information that you have provided, unfortunately some of these will slow down the process. If you want a quick approval always have your references in place.

Is the process like a normal sale?

No, in most cases it is much quicker.

Can I sell my home?

No! The property does not become yours to sell until you have completed the full purchase.

Can I renovate my home?

All agreements differ; in general improvements by professional trade persons are acceptable. Please consult your agreement prior to any works.

Vendor Finance.

Do I own the property outright?

Yes you get 100% full title.

What do you require with our application?

We have a local broker who will assess your affordability. There is no compulsion to use this broker for your mortgage; however we will not accept your application without his opinion.

You are also required to forward him a copy of your credit file.

The third requirement is a home owning family or friend to back your application.

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No Deposit

Another common option for our buyers is ‘no deposit’. Although this type of agreement has been around for a long time, rising property prices has meant that ‘no deposit’ has recently regained popularity in the UK.


Rent to Buy - How it Works...

A ‘rent to buy’ agreement isn’t very different from a standard rental agreement. The one big difference is crucial, though – when you ‘rent to buy’, a portion of the money you spend each month goes towards owning that home.


Property Seminars

Our seminars are designed to give you some great FREE help and support on making that successful step onto the property ladder. Our team of advisors will then take you through each step of the process outlining what options are available to you.

Please check back soon for our full list of dates and venues as well as information on how to book a place on one of our seminars.

FTB Reports will include regular updates on our Assisted Purchase Schemes and current property's available. We will also include a "Tips On Home Buying" section. No prospective First Time Buyer should be without this report.

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