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With the current state of the UK property market there is a real need for companies to help all types of home-buyer. Even though house prices have fallen, house prices are still at a level where it makes it difficult for a new homeowner to break into the market and the rent crisis only aggravates that problem.

With many people spending a larger proportion of their income on rent, it becomes almost impossible for buyers to save enough money for the deposit needed to buy a home. That’s where we can help. aspires to help families in the East Midlands realise their dream by enabling them to own their home. We take great pride in achieving this by providing opportunities to families who would otherwise be brushed off by unsympathetic mortgage and home loan lenders.

What We Do – The Property Problem Solvers

At we help UK home buyers to purchase a home. It doesn’t matter whether it is their first home, their second, or even their fifth – we get buyers into properties with as little money down as possible, and with payments that fit their budget. There are a few ways that we work to accomplish this.

Much of the work we do is to match buyers and sellers. We undertake a lot of work with buyers to find ‘rent to own’ deals, and to create ‘no deposit’ purchase arrangements. Our site explains more about these types of scheme.

We also work to assist our buyers to obtain the financing they require to purchase their new home.

As well as matching buyers and sellers, we also work to buy homes and then provide those homes at affordable prices (with easy finance arrangements) to our own buyers.

Who We Are – Family-Owned Rent to Buy Specialists is owned and managed by DA Properties (UK) Ltd; a family business which has specialised in assisting individuals and investors in buying property since 2005. We adhere strictly to the consumer credit code and pride ourselves on fair and honest trading which has enabled us to provide a safe and reliable service to the UK marketplace.

We are not estate agents. Instead, we work hard to negotiate with sellers to provide buyers with finance deals that they can afford. We do all of the work for you in finding your dream home, and we work with you closely to find a finance deal that suits your budget. We make sure that home buyers are able to get into the home of their dreams without having to deal with commission-hungry sales people.

We really are the property problem solvers. If you have been looking to move into the home of your dreams with little or no money down, please contact us with your home buying requirements. As a family-run business we take pride in the fact that we know what matters – you – and we take pride in providing an unrivaled level of service to all of our clients.

Our client-focused approach has led us to become the place for home buyers to come when they’re looking to find a home. Thanks to the quality of our service much of our business comes from referrals from our highly satisfied clients.

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No Deposit

Another common option for our buyers is ‘no deposit’. Although this type of agreement has been around for a long time, rising property prices has meant that ‘no deposit’ has recently regained popularity in the UK.


Rent to Buy - How it Works...

A ‘rent to buy’ agreement isn’t very different from a standard rental agreement. The one big difference is crucial, though – when you ‘rent to buy’, a portion of the money you spend each month goes towards owning that home.


Property Seminars

Our seminars are designed to give you some great FREE help and support on making that successful step onto the property ladder. Our team of advisors will then take you through each step of the process outlining what options are available to you.

Please check back soon for our full list of dates and venues as well as information on how to book a place on one of our seminars.

FTB Reports will include regular updates on our Assisted Purchase Schemes and current property's available. We will also include a "Tips On Home Buying" section. No prospective First Time Buyer should be without this report.

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